Friday, 18 April, 2008

Struggle beyond 200 days...people's struggle never fails..Hope to achieve --- Iruvappapuram people

On 18/04/2008 struggle at CHENNAI and THOOTHUKUDI ,condemn the Tamilnadu government which neglecting iruvappapuram struggle.



Last 200 days our people are in continous struggle. Why the governemnt is neglecting our demands . we want the Tamilnadu governemnt to remember the past history of the year 1995 ,when our own people taught a lesson to the politician and threw out a government ,who gave injustice to scheduled caste of kodiyankulam. Give Iruvappapuram panchayat .

'Be great rather than long'-Dr.Ambedkar

Thursday, 28 February, 2008

Iruvappapuram struggle enters 150th day today

After crossing many thretenings and arrest the iruvappapuram people's struggle for the panchayat has entered 150 day today . Yet the government is adamant,not responding to this 150 days sacrifice of this 13 village dalit people.

'Be great rather than long'-Dr.Ambedkar

Thoothukudi police filed case against two years and 5 years old children

Eventhough the dalit people of iruvappapuram are doing non-violent struggle for the seperation of their panchayat from sayerpuram town panchayat ,the police is trying to reveng the people since they are struggling long. Accoridngly they filed flse case against the people of iruvappapuram. They have filed case against ten people . The list which included two children aged 2years and 5years old . This expels us how the police is against the iruvappapuram people. We have brought this issue to the child rights commisiion.

'Be great rather than long'-Dr.Ambedkar


Since the iruvappapuram people were struggling,observing hungerstrike more than 100 days continuously the police filed false case against Mr.Jeevankumar and other 110 people but arrested Mr.Jeevankumar and 10 other people. condemn this the people immediately did a agistation because of that they rleased . After the rlease the human rights organisation had planned to conduct a conferenc .Accordingly to condemn the police action against iruvappapuram a very big conference was held on 30/12/2007 at kani palace ,Thoothukudi.

'Be great rather than long'-Dr.Ambedkar

Mr.Rajagopalji 's arival to iruvappapuram

Ekta parishad , a Gandhian movement, is organising people national wide and addresing land issues of landless. Mr.Rajagopal.P.V. is the founder of this national wide movement. He organaised 25000 people and started a padayatra called Janadesh from qwalior to delhi on october 2nd 2007. After he succeded in the Janadesh yatra he visited iruvappapuram on 82nd day of the satyagraga along with the Tamilnadu ekta parishad leader Mr.Ariaravelan.He encouraged the strugglers to have confident with their non-violent approch till the panchayat to be seperated.

'Be great rather than long'-Dr.Ambedkar

Tuesday, 8 January, 2008

Police revenge for iruvappapuram struggle--Mr.Jeevankumar and 100 people arrested by police

Dear comrades,

Mr.Jeevankumar,social activist of thoothukudi,was arrested yesterday morning under more than 10 section of Cl act of india.The case histroy reveals that he and his colleguees were arrested for terspassing the private land for dalit and prevent the governemnt officials to deliver their service. Yesterday 8th jan 2008 they were produce in the district court of thooothukudi and remanded for 15 days.


You may aware thet people of iruvappapuram panchayat of thoohukudi district are having struggle for 100th day today since october 2nd 2007,by demanding sperate panchayat which was merged with sayerpuram town panchayat in the year 1964.This satyagraga was energised the people to take up non-violent direct action.

Some of the people of sayerpuram are objecting this satyagraga and are pressurising the district administration to stop the same.Meanwhile,on 7th january morninga lady named Muthar expired at pethanachiamman nagar,one of the hamlet of iruvappapuram panchayat.Since the panchayat was merged with the sayerpuram town panchayat and continuosly neglected for development does not have burial ground.So people appealed to the district administration for providing burial ground.Therevenue officials came down to the village they surveyd the land and allotted a place.They requested the people to bury the body.The suggestion of the governemnt officials was honoured by the people and the body was buried on thet place. Yesterday morning the police arrested Mr.Jeevankumar and his collegues for trespassing the same land for the same purpose for the same body.And he prevent the governmnet officials to deliver service.

Dear collegues,

  • Can you find any trespassing in it?

  • Mr.Jeevankumar and others could be arrested for th trespassing the land, What punishment can be given to the government officials who motivate them to do the same.?

  • Mr.Jeevankumar and others did what the governemnt officials suggested.Do you find anywhere in this case history,Jeevankumar and others prevented the govrnemnt officials to deliver their service?

This is the reveng action of police because Jeevankumar and their collegues are struggling to attain dignity at iruvappapuram.Though they observed and motivated last 99 days non-violent struggle at iruvappapuram for seperate panchayat the police got angry and revenged them.

Please show you solidarity ........


'Be great rather than long'-Dr.Ambedkar

Saturday, 5 January, 2008


The people of Iruvappapuram panchayat lost their panchayat in 1964. Since there is no development thereafter now they are demanding the panchayat through addressing the issue in the way of non violent struggle. Last more than ninty six days they are observing continuos fasting .But the district administration does not take any action for the people's demand.On the other side the police is threatening the people. The police is trying to file false case against the non violent protestor.
Condemning this on last 3rd january 2008 the MANITHA URIMAIKKANA KUDIMAKKAL IYAKKAM staged an agitation in front of tuticorin collector office. Mr.C.J.Rajan presided the protest. Mr.Athisayakumar (Makkal urimaikuzhu)Mr.Ganapathy subbramanian(CPI) and Mr.Jeevankumar (Meetchi people's movement )participated in the protest and condemned the district administration and police. After winded up the protest the participants went to iruvappauram and had a discussion with the people for further action.

Posted by: S.Sudhakar
'Be great rather than long'-Dr.Ambedkar