Friday, 18 April, 2008

Struggle beyond 200 days...people's struggle never fails..Hope to achieve --- Iruvappapuram people

On 18/04/2008 struggle at CHENNAI and THOOTHUKUDI ,condemn the Tamilnadu government which neglecting iruvappapuram struggle.



Last 200 days our people are in continous struggle. Why the governemnt is neglecting our demands . we want the Tamilnadu governemnt to remember the past history of the year 1995 ,when our own people taught a lesson to the politician and threw out a government ,who gave injustice to scheduled caste of kodiyankulam. Give Iruvappapuram panchayat .

'Be great rather than long'-Dr.Ambedkar


Perumal Ramaiah said...


Perumal Ramaiah said...

First of all i thank to the assembler Mr. Jeevan kumar (Ex. Chairman VOC college). You are doing the Great job for our community. I have some thoughts in my mind which will help to succeed in " acquiring Our Trust back".

1. Fighting / following Gandhian way is really most powerful way if we are not a SC/STs. It never work out for us. If we follow this way Gov. Will think they will automatically get out off from this strike as we are not good intermes of Money,asset and integrety.
2. And another point is we are not a key community for the winning canditate in the perspective of Election eventhough sc/st has more than crore in tamilnadu's population history. Because we are easily fall in love with others soft talk and easily goofed up by others.
3. In the Iruvappapuram case, we have a chance to gain something atleast apartfrom "Panchayat Issue".

4. Also, in the Iruvappapuram case, sc voters count is very negligible compare to Other caste. So it is not easy to solve this issue smoothly by the Gov. intervening this matter.

5. But we have another plus point is "Arumugamangalam Pachayat" which is ruling by SC community. this is another Big Plus for us. We have to use that in a proper way.

6. Also, you have to organise meeting with the Iruvappapuram people very oftenly or else they will forget this issuse after some poiint of time.

I have ideas, but unfortunately i'm living somewhere.

Dhanabalakrishnan K said...

we continue to be slave, until or unless we make our voice heard and our influence felt in politics. 'united we stand, divided we fall'. Let us be united to lead.