Thursday, 28 February, 2008

Mr.Rajagopalji 's arival to iruvappapuram

Ekta parishad , a Gandhian movement, is organising people national wide and addresing land issues of landless. Mr.Rajagopal.P.V. is the founder of this national wide movement. He organaised 25000 people and started a padayatra called Janadesh from qwalior to delhi on october 2nd 2007. After he succeded in the Janadesh yatra he visited iruvappapuram on 82nd day of the satyagraga along with the Tamilnadu ekta parishad leader Mr.Ariaravelan.He encouraged the strugglers to have confident with their non-violent approch till the panchayat to be seperated.

'Be great rather than long'-Dr.Ambedkar

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